Have you heard of the Chauns?

These tiny, grey leprechauns are close to impossible to notice, but one day - as my luck would have it - I managed to find one called Connie. Join me as I hear about their life of fun chasing fake cherries, exploring city streets, prying into a snail trial and being always carefree... or are they? When strange lights suddenly appear wherever Connie goes change begins to draw closer to them, but is it all for better or worse for the unwitting Chauns?

Chauns are available in paperback and ebook format from 29/06/18

Meet Chauns

Connie is easy-going and fun, except when you find him in one of his infamous grumpy moments because then he isn't.

Lillian is big-hearted and adventurous but she can be quite stubborn when she wants to be.

The Duo consists of Stoop and Stump, who are identical in both their looks and behaviour. They are mischievous and carefree.

Hetty likes sewing and creating. She is fond of pretty dresses and usually hangs around with Hammy.

Elma is passionate and open but she worries a lot. She is also fairly gullible.

Anglo is tall and lazy. He likes to have a laugh and is the joker of the group.

Yeo is a bossy game-rep. He keeps the group active and entertained (albeit often not how he originally intends).

Ninian is a quiet and distant Chaun, but he is kind and attentive and holds the group dear in his heart.

Hammy, much like Hetty, likes to explore and find pretty things that can be useful for the group. He is very friendly but does not like taking risks.

Loch is the exact opposite of Elma. He is hard to convince, reserved and does not scare easily.

Tuff is the strongest Chaun; he is a born leader. But he is very modest and mostly takes charge indirectly.


Ilona Slack always loved drawing, English and books but it wasn't until late 2015 that she began combining the three together after sketching her first Chaun, Connie.

She worked on and completed her first book, Chauns in Bristol but has recently moved to Wales with her family of three. When she has time to herself she likes sketching on paper, but spends most of her creative time working digitally in Adobe Illustrator. She also likes long walks, small birds and the deep scents of the sea. Ilona has a Master and a Bachelor of Arts from Nottingham Trent University.

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